Beautiful log  stairs and custom railings are standout features in any home. Let our hand peeled log stairs and rustic railings make a unique and attractive statement in yours. We offer a variety of locally harvested wood materials to choose from for your custom rustic stair railings.

For indoor spaces, choose from hand peeled pine railings, hickory railings or locust and rhododendron railing. Each railing system is crafted to order and built to your specifications. Our logs are kiln dried and sanded so that they can be finished in your desired shade. Hickory railings, our bark-on variety, have a striking rustic look and are kiln sterilized. Locust railings are a classic, highly customizable variety and we offer a rhododendron infill look for a truly unique railing system. For outdoor porch or deck railings we offer pressure treated, hand peeled pine log railing in a choice of two treatments as well as locust railing.

Our log stairs are made from kiln dried white pine logs. We also offer a timber stair system made from rough cut or hewn timber.

Our quality, custom stairs and railings are built to code and installed to be sturdy, secure and comfortable for generations. We have experience working with homeowners and builders to determine that all necessary measurements are taken correctly, and that all stair and railing projects stay on schedule. For residents of Western North Carolina we are available to measure and install our log stairs and wood railings firsthand.